How to Find Your Soulmate

I was recently introduced to a book that deals with every area of purity. How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul refers to tips about what to watch out for in an unhealthy relationship, how to remain pure in healthy relationships, and why purity is so important to God and for you and your future spouse.

I strongly recommend this book for every girl, single, committed to a relationship, or engaged. It explains very well all of the “types” of guys you need to stay away from in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and relationship, as well as keeping a long-term relationship pure and committed to following the Lord’s plan for your relationship.

I am only halfway through the book, but I cannot put it down! So, read this book to find out about how to have a healthy relationship. Just this week, I was telling a friend that I can tell you exactly how to have an unhealthy relationship, because I have had plenty of them. However, I am trying to find the way to have a healthy relationship, which is really difficult in this world.

I am finding out from this book that you need to find your identity in Christ before you try to have any sort of relationship with someone else. I am working every day to accept the overwhelming Grace that God is trying to offer me for anything that I might not have done right in my previous relationships. I need to accept that Christ is offering me an identity more beautiful than I can imagine just by choosing to let God pour His unconditional grace out onto me. This book is teaching me ways on how to maintain a healthy relationship, while keeping your identity in Christ.