Modest is Hottest

It is scientifically proven that a man’s hormones are triggered when he sees a woman dressed in a bikini or skin revealing clothing. Their brains are wired to be sexually stirred by a woman showing skin. If we are wanting a man to respect us and view us as more than a sex object, is it fair of us to go around showing every inch of skin on our body to be more of a temptation for them? In order to help men have self-control and self-respect and respect for women, we should dress modestly. A woman might wear immodest clothing to feel attractive and to try to get the attention of men. However, wearing immodest clothing will only reveal yourself to every body that you encounter, receiving less respect and less to the imagination. If you value yourself and desire respect from men, it is better to dress modestly. That will send the message that you are a treasure for someone to find. That you are not desperate for attention from a man. Respect yourself and expect respect from others. If you do this, it will help you to sort out the winners from the losers in life. A winner will pursue you and respect your boundaries and morals. A winner will be looking for modesty and find it attractive that you value yourself enough to dress in a way that isn’t tempting his hormones. A winner will want you to save yourself physically for one man only because he knows that your heart will be whole if you do that. Think twice before you walk out the door tomorrow with those short shorts and a belly shirt. By dressing nicely, you may grab the attention of a true winner!