Yesterday, I had a conversation with my pre teen sister that really impacted my thinking about purity. My young sister has previously told me numerous stories of the kids in her grade drinking and sleeping around at the middle school age. I was shocked at the stories of the decisions these young children were already making. It made me incredibly sad and I wanted to reach out to those middle schoolers and help them realize the impact of their decisions. However, last night my young sister informed me that she had begun writing letters to her future husband to let him know how excited she was to meet him and wait for him. She went on to tell me that she didn’t understand how people can take sex so lightly. I was instantly filled with hope and joy. My middle school aged sister is thinking more logically about sex than most adults in the world today. It is refreshing to see a young girl be filled with such a passion and a desire to remain pure. Today, I hope to encourage those of you who are questioning or doubting whether you want to pursue purity. I hope you stand firm in what you know is right even if you are surrounded by people making the other choice. You don’t know what impact you will have on those looking up to you. Purity is well worth the fight. Treasure your purity. Ask God for discernment and judgement to protect your heart. I pray that all of you readers will find light and hope in reading that there are two other people in the world that are waiting for the man God puts in their hearts.