Answered Prayers

God has revealed to me lately that He listens to what I say. In the past few days, so many situations have been resolved in a way I never thought would happen. God listens to you and answers your prayers. Sometimes, praying about a situation is the last resort for me. I am a fixer, so I rack my brain to come up with a solution to the problem myself. I stress, I worry, I get frustrated. Finally, when I don’t know what else to do, I come to God in prayer. And, I immediately feel better even though nothing in the situation has changed. With time, I start to see a gradual change in the situation and realize that God has a plan and that He wants to hear us ask for help with our problems. They are not too big or small for Him and He has control over everything. So, today if you are struggling with something or need help with a situation, ask God. He will listen and respond in His timing. 

God bless.


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