Meaningful Kiss

In today’s society, people give away kisses left and right to just about anyone walking on the street it seems like. For example, it is a common for sororities to include a form of “hazing” by requiring the girls who are pledging in to the club to kiss a certain number of boys before they can be accepted. Often times, kisses are given away outside of the context of a relationship in a meaningless way that causes this society to take for granted the meaning of a kiss.

What are your kisses worth?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

I ask this question for myself as well, because it is easy for me to forget that I am valuable and therefore, any kiss that I give away is valuable and should be honored by the man I am giving the kiss to. While I was in high school, it seemed that everyone had a lot of experience in the kissing department… except for me. By my sophomore year, I had still never had my first kiss and it seemed like being kissed was as unlikely as building a snowman on the beach. I was so anxious to be at the same level as my friends that I was willing to kiss anyone just to say I had been kissed.

It turns out, your first kiss doesn’t exactly look like the ones in the movies. Most of the time there are no fireworks in the sky and no sunset on the beach. Even throughout high school, I didn’t appreciate the value of a kiss. Once, I started dating a guy who didn’t understand, honor, or appreciate a simple kiss. He was always wanting more, making me feel desired, but trapped. It is a nice feeling to be desired, but the man you are with needs to appreciate you and honor you even with just a simple kiss.

Because you are valuable.

Maybe some of you have never had a kiss. Just remember, do not be ashamed of your innocence. I promise you that your husband will find that quality so attractive. So don’t give up.

Bottom line:

1) your kisses are worth a lot

2) you are valuable so don’t let anyone tell you anything differentImage



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