Are You Searching for Something Greater?

 I have always thought of myself as an independent person who doesn’t need a man to satisfy my life. Although I consider myself independent, recently I have found myself searching for someone to be put in my path to start a relationship with. It is easy to get carried away with thinking about who can be the next guy that you start a relationship with when you are surrounded by people in happy relationships. Seeing your friends slowly falling more in love every day gives you a heart that is searching for love. Every girl wants to find that, no matter how independent you are; you want to feel loved and important to someone.

Probably like some of you, I have been praying for at least the last year that God would put someone in my path and make it obvious that this was the man that He intended for me. And I do believe that God will answer that prayer one day, but it is easy to get frustrated with God when you are still searching for that relationship that you think is right for you. Relationship after relationship and broken heart after broken heart, your emotions are running everywhere and you have a hard time understanding what God is trying to do in your life through those broken relationships. 

For me, I just recently ended a relationship with an incredible guy. I truly believed that he was the man that God put in my path for my future because he met just about every impossible standard I had set for a dating relationship. However, God had a different plan for both of us, because we slowly drifted apart and I can’t exactly explain where the connection went between us. It became clear to both of us that we didn’t think that we were meant to be together at this time. Although, I was confused and frustrated that yet another relationship had ended for me, I wanted to get back up and feel happy and wanted again. 

I think I may have rushed the process of moving on from my previous relationship a little too much, and by searching for someone else to fill the lonely feeling, I realized that I need to find my identity in Christ and be comfortable with that identity before searching for someone else to fill my life. 

Each day, I am trying to spend a little time in the Word looking for encouraging verses about God’s love and God’s grace for me. I want to heal and let God’s unbelievable Grace wash over me and make me new. I want to have complete trust and faith that God has a PLAN for my life. Sure, I am still going to have feelings of loneliness just like any other single college student, but I want to be comforted by God first instead of running for comfort in another guy that fills the void in my heart.

So today, I challenge you to spend time thinking about the incredible amount of love that Christ has for you. It is really easy for me to beat myself up about my mistakes in the past. But GOD’S GRACE COVERS YOU. Remember that today. 


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