God is in Control

In a previous post, I talked a little bit about how the advice of a friend can be God’s voice speaking into your life. Through the situation that I experienced with my best friend dating a guy that I didn’t think was the best for her, I learned so much about God’s power. He is so powerful in every situation. I would get so discouraged when I would pour my heart and advice out to my best friend without any change afterwards. I didn’t know what else to do to try to help her or tell her how concerned I was to make a difference in her actions. Finally, out of sadness and frustration, I cried out to God and begged Him to speak to her and help her see all of the darkness of her current relationship. I have never felt more relieved in my life than I did after I cried that prayer. Instantly, a weight was lifted from me, and even though I had no idea how the situation would end, I trusted that I had done all that I could and God was in control.

Giving God control of a situation is such a hard and scary thing to do. And I am learning that when you give something up to Him and refuse to worry about it or try to control everything, it is relieving. He doesn’t want us to burden ourselves with things that are out of our control. If you are in a situation of worry and doubt and frustration, pray to God. Cry out, weeping. He will answer you and relieve you and take control of the situation.

After I gave up trying to micromanage my best friend’s actions, things went a lot more smoothly for us. We had never fought about anything but this guy, and after I realized I could not change her opinion, the fighting slowed down a lot. And finally, one day I was talking to her about the guy she was dating and I just expressed the deep concern I had in my heart for her. I really believe that concerned feeling was put in my heart from the Lord. He is so powerful.

Something the Lord said through me struck my friend that day. She got out of that awful relationship and never looked back. I am so thankful that God took control of the situation and guided her heart.


So today, remember that God is in control.


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