Christy Miller Book Series

For those of you who have just gotten out of an extremely unhealthy relationship and feel hopeless and tired of trying to find someone out there who can love you the way you are longing to be loved, I understand where you are. As I have said in the about me page, I definitely got involved in the wrong relationship, and experienced a degree of heartache from it.

But don’t get discouraged!

When I was fifteen years old, just entering high school searching for my identity, I read a book series called the Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn. At that time, reading was just able the least enjoyable thing for me to do, but my younger sister recommended the books so highly to me, I decided to give them a try. The books are about a girl who is the age I was, trying to decide on her beliefs in religion, in purity, and in actions that teenagers face on a regular basis.

Those books were so helpful for me to have somewhat of a guideline as to what to believe. It also helped me to see that basically every girl at that age struggles with identity. I highly recommend these great books to girls of any ages to learn more about themselves and what to look for in a relationship. In the books, Christy experiences a sense of hopelessness about finding a good Christian guy to meet her standards. (Sounds familiar right?) So, she expresses her emotions in a letter to her future husband. Kind of a weird concept, writing to someone you don’t know. But, writing about your good and bad feelings about love and relationships to someone who is going to mean so much to you in the future is a good way to remind yourself of the reason for striving for purity.

So, the day after I finished the first Christy Miller book, I decided to write a letter to my unknown future husband. It was a really cool thing to write out your feelings to someone you may not even know yet. I have continued to write letters to him when I go through times of doubt, sadness, or even times of joy when I am solid on what I am waiting for. I plan to give all of these letters to my husband on the night of our wedding.

Maybe writing a letter to your future husband will help remind you what you are remaining pure for, or help you to get your feelings out.



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